Best Tip to Stay More Focus During the Day

Stay more focused

I was steering through Twitter recently and I happen to come across a thread on how to become more focused.

It immediately caught my attention because it seems I’m no longer as focused as I used to be in previous years.

A lot of phone calls and phone chats take a huge chunk of my day even though it’s all business-related.

I knew I needed to change, and I was certain I would learn something new in the tread and I did bump into it.

So what did I learn?

I learn that you should always set a timer for each task you’re undertaking and make sure your phone is on airplane mode when doing any important task.

What do you think about the tip?

Simple right? but I must let you know it’s quite hard to implement.

Tried it yesterday and I wasn’t able to see it through the day.  I only did in the morning and gave up through the rest of the day but guess what, I’m back at it and have improved a lot more today.

More on the timer thing

Android Timer

So not until now, I rarely use the timer feature of my android device. In fact, I will say it was on stealth mode all this while as I don’t even open it.

And after trying it for a day, I have come to the conclusion that it helps you concentrate more on the task at hand while doing away with every other distraction.

In addition, whenever, the time you set get exhausted. You can as well add 1 minute at a time. That way you get to quickly round up things and not just keep wasting time.

The notification is also mind-blowing. A pop infuriating sound that annoys you to quickly finish what you’re doing is a plus for me.

See below the popup to add 1 minute while I was typing this post.

Pop up to add 1 minute

Why the airplane mode?

I’m quite certain we all have fallen victim to this occurrence. We see a chat notification and we say at the back of our mind, let’s just answer it for a minute and get back to work.

Then a minute turns to 10 minute and then 30 minutes.

What do you think happened?🤔

We lost focus from that notification.🧐

So in other to have that not repeat itself, do yourself a favour by having your notification and line switch off for that 20 minutes you expect to finish that task.

Once you’re finished, feel free to turn the airplane mode off and do whatever you wish.

You would have finished your task and also now focus on the notification.

One more thing before I end this article. The two tips allow you to stay in the moment and not have your attention drift from one place to another.

The popup sound also brings you back in case your mind has shifted to doing other things.

That’s all for now.

What do you think about the tip?

Try it out and give me some feedback at a later date

Bye for now ☺️

Here is a link to the original Twitter thread.


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