What I Will Be Grabbing By the Balls in 2021

What I'm grabbing by the ball in 2021

I recently came across this image from a friend’s Whatsapp status and it immediately got my attention. After being quiet for about 2 minutes, I replied to him with my answer – “automation.” That is exactly what I want to master in 2021. I want to automate the entire process of my life(let me say 80% automation) because it’s quite difficult to automate everything.

I want to automate my business, work, marketing, health, relationship, and so on. I know it’s very possible but I have got to sit down and plan it out. And that’s what I’m doing in this article.

What I will automate in 2021 and how I go about it

1. My business

Automating my business is simply making my business run without me. That’s I’m not completely involved from the point of contact with my customers to them finally making a purchase. While it sounds cool, I must let you know that it’s not necessarily easy to implement.

It depends on the type of industry your business falls under and a couple of other factors like money and your skillset. Farming for example is a business that’s very hard to automate in Nigeria, and if at all it will be done, it will cost you a lot of money.

Online business on the other hand is much easier and cheaper to automate. Most times, what you need is just a good laptop, internet access, website, online content, products, autoresponder, and a platform to generate traffic(Facebook, Google, etc).

Luckily for me, my platform falls under online business which is much easier and cheaper to automate, however, my challenge is in the execution. I plan to do the following:

  • Create a free and paid product(I have done both on my other website 9jacashflow.com)
  • Redesign 9jacashflow.com homepage. I’m yet to do that.
  • Create a series of landing pages to promote my paid products. I have a sample you can check here.
  • Write an email sequence introducing my free products first and then my paid products.
  • Runs ads to my squeeze page using my free gift as a clickbait to collect their emails and enroll them in my email sequence.
  • Send them an email sequence to convert them to a prospect.
  • Finally, I want to rinse and repeat this process.

Another thing I’m doing to earn a passive or automated income is to create online courses – you can check them out on 9jacashflow Academy. Prior to today, I have been teaching my students, my advanced crypto class, manually via Whatsapp. But recently, I was able to launch a cryptocurrency course which my student can now access online anytime anywhere, and also ask questions in the group.

2. Now to my work. How I’m automating my work

The major way I’m automating my work is to think less about things and just get it done. I now have over 15 alarms on my phone that reminds me of an event, which immediately it rings, I just go for it without wasting much time.

Another way is to get an assistant. I plan to employ a lady that will handle some frivolous task that takes too much of my time, like inputting numbers, accounting, chatting on forums etc.

3. Now to my marketing. How I’m automating my marketing?

It’s quite simple, I divided it into 2 parts

1. Free marketing: I plan to post daily on all of my major social media accounts. Even up to 5 times on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. A platform like Hootsuite will also be of great help as I plan to schedule my social media post at least a week ahead.

2. Paid marketing: As regards paid advertising, I plan to run daily advertisement(ad) campaigns on Facebook for general brand awareness. I also plan to run targeted ad campaigns for my paid products every single month.

4. How I’m automating my health?

Considering my health, I want to automate how I get food. As a bachelor who is also a techy guy, I hardly have time to cook food myself at home. To ensure I still eat well, I plan to make a down payment with my favorite restaurant and then get it delivered to me daily. I know my major challenge might be the cost but I strongly believe I can make that money.

On average, I’d spend roughly ₦1500 daily on good food, which is about $100/day. I also want to be eating a lot of fruits as I used to do when I was staying in Lagos. this will be an additional cost but the major challenge here is now the fact that the common fruits around my vicinity are orange and banana. I will need to settle with that or travel far to get a variety of food. You know tech guys don’t like to travel much right😂. But it’s fine. Better days ahead.

Less I forget, I will also continue my jogging. Since last November, I have reduced my daily jogging activities to just on Saturdays. This year I will be shifting it to Sundays.

5. Finally, how I’m automating my relationships

Considering my relationship, first thing is that I have got to sleep at night. And I’m sure you’re wondering what sleep got to do with the relationship? Yes, it does a lot. Since my undergraduate days I’ve always been working overnight(either on my PC or reading books), and I have kind of realized that I need to stop it and sleep well at night so I can be much relaxed to attend to my loved ones during the day time.

Funny enough, I’m writing this article at night while I’m supposed to be sleeping and the consequence is that I will need to sleep in the afternoon, and little time available during the day, I will use to work living very little room to talk with my loved ones.

Hopefully, I will change and I’ll always use the whole night to rest and always wakeup pumped to tackle the next day.

Imagine😁, I have lost 3 of my girl friends because I wasn’t giving them the necessary attention. I will try to change so I don’t lose the next lady I meet as soon as things start getting serious between us.

In conclusion

So I’ve shared my current thoughts as regards automation(AKA what I will be grabbing by the balls in 2021). I literally want to automate my entire life, and I  know it’s possible.

By automating my business, work, marketing, health, relationship, etc, I’m certain my life will become better. So let me get to work and make it come to fruition.

Bye for now!


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